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XCOM's web series serves up a 1960's Dominic Monaghan hunting aliens

The upcoming tactical shooter spin off that charts the founding of the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit in 60's America has started a neat little web series that follows ex-Island survivor and former Hobbit Dominic Monaghan as Ennis Cole, an XCOM agent with a tragic past.

Check out the other two videos below which show Monaghan dealing with the aftermath of the first alien incursion, before... well, suffice to say, as it's the world of XCOM, things go south pretty quick for our Agent Cole.

Despite the finality of the last video, there might be more from this series of shorts considering the game's not out till late next month - maybe in true XCOM style they'll just pick up where they left off with a batch of fresh recruits, all ready to die horribly in the good fight against the aliens?


I wouldn't mind seeing a little more in terms of 60's-set Alien shootout shenanigans, that's for sure.

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