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Xposed Module Roundup (Android - Requires Root) - via umataro42

This is going to be not in lieu of your usual Wednesday Android Update post, but in addition to it. I was thinking of ideas on the way in to work this morning and drawing a blank to be honest. I get here and umataro has partially done my job for me with this great post.

If you aren't rooted then sadly this is not going to be of much use to you, but at the same time you can see if maybe you're interested in rooting your Android device because of it.

A not so random aside, a lot of these modules are ones I've used in the past and to be honest I am no longer rooted. Moto X, baby. It's the only Android device I've owned that was so good I didn't feel a need to root it.


As for today's post, the write-up might take awhile since I really want to not overlook anything and try to be informative as possible. That said, it'll be root related.

Thanks umataro42 for the great post!

FWIW the following are Xposed modules I usually run when I do run any at all.

Gravity Box (if you know what it is then you know why). Xad. YouTube AdAway. XPrivacy (oh this one is so sweet, there is a steep learning curve but I wouldn't use any device without this bad boy being installed).

And there were a few others but the names of them elude me at the moment.

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