Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The movers come at 8 a.m. (so 30 minutes from now). Yay! Wait, stress! Many emotions probably. I’ll know when the coffee finally really kicks into my bloodstream.

I hate to start an open thread and run, but that’s what I’m doing. It’s supposed to be an all day, one-and-done move, and I imagine it will take until 11 or 12 tonight until they’re done. So, wish me luck!


As always, feel free to talk about anything, but if you want a jumping off point: what was your favorite move so far in life?

The time you got your own place for the first time? When you moved in with the love of your life? When you found out via ghosts floating over your bed staring at you while sleep that you really should have asked the realtor if anyone had died there?

(Coffee kicking in. Emotions. Now rushing! Oh no, so much still to do!)

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