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Yes, I’m still watching Once Upon A Time

I'm not particularly up to speed on Disney movies beyond general pop culture knowledge. For example I had no idea that song in the Avengers 2 trailer was from Pinocchio. So I can watch Once Upon A Time as a cheesy guilty pleasure. Spoilers for last night's episode ahead.


The show still has plenty of teeth-gnashing moments like Belle still not catching on to how devious Rumpelstiltskin is. Belle, if you have a terrible feeling Rumple is around, maybe it would be better to hang onto the one thing that has control over him.

It turns out Regina was responsible for the Sleeping Beauty thing when she helped Maleficent get her groove back. Speaking of Regina and Maleficent it was mentioned before that they were friends before their falling out but now you can read a lot more into that. After all, Regina told Rumple she had been "on the back of a dragon" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). So I went to the Internet to see if I was alone in reading into things and was not disappointed.



Meanwhile August is back. But he's a prisoner of Rumple and the Queens of Darkness (I'm surprised that isn't a band name).


But I doubt that the old sheriff of Storybrooke will be back even if Emma is into bondage.


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