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Yes, this is another post about Man of Steel

I really like the music. I'll probably buy the soundtrack to listen to while I'm working. And some spoilery thoughts on the movie itself after the cut.

I liked it. I haven't read a Superman comic in at least 30 years (or comics in general in at least 20 years) so I'm not wed to any particular version of his story.


Okay, so they tinkered with the origin story. Kal-el isn't a super boy scout stopping to save innocent humans in the middle of a fight, with a few notable exceptions. In the end he kills Zod, which seriously ticked off at least one person. And Lois Lane knows Clark Kent is really Superman.

I'm fine with all of that. But I get that some people will be upset by it and there will be divided opinions about Man of Steel.

But I went into the theater to be entertained for 2+ hours and that mission was accomplished. The movie flowed well though it did start to drag a little at spots it didn't feel like it lasted too long like TDK and TDKR did (though I still liked both of those movies).


Also, I hope this is a breakout role for Antje Traue. She really came across as the most badass of Zod's soldiers.

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