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On this week's episode of Face Off it's a straightforward horror themed challenge - to make "an evil, demonic doll character." At least one of the contestants is glad it's not a "whimsical" challenge. Which contestant creates the best nightmare fuel and who has a nightmare week? Results ahead.

Rayce is more involved with his team than Laura who gives advice but doesn't delve into her team member's concept the way Rayce does. This could be the way the episode is edited or a reflection on the contestants. Darla and Emily have a good grasp on what they're trying to do while Adam and Logan can use the help.


I wasn't impressed with Logan's voodoo doll but it is good enough to make him safe this week.

Emily (above) and Darla (top image) make the most doll-like characters and both are top looks. One can argue that Emily's design suffers from completely covering the model's face so she can't convey emotion but I thought the design worked overall. Darla impresses the judges (particularly guest judge Don Mancini of Chucky fame) with the amount of detail she put into her porcelain doll and she wins the challenge.


Julian and Adam are the bottom looks this week. Julian's doll doesn't come across to the judges as looking as old and wooden as it could have. Adam doesn't "quite get to the Doll Zone" as Ve puts it. Like the judges, I thought it was the furthest away from looking like a doll. Adam is sent home. But as Neville says, Adam is "a very employable guy" in the make-up field.

My prediction from last week was wrong. Emily made a strong showing this week and seems to be over her homesickness (but that could just be the editing) but Julian was a bottom look again.


So my revised prediction is Julian will be eliminated next week with Darla, Logan and Emily moving on to the finale. Given my past success with predictions I'll probably be wrong.


Next week is a steampunk Western challenge and Glenn brings his guns if you know what I mean. From the sneak peek it looks like someone has problems with the concept but the video could be misleading.

You can see galleries of this week's designs, past works of the champions and previous seasons here.

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