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Yo. Seen it.

And now I have the strange desire to see Miranda Otto as Demona...


This may seriously be the closest thing to a Gargoyles movie we'll ever see.

It was not - fully un-entertaining... You may like Frankenstein's abs, if that's what you're into. (Yeah, in the end he calls himself Frankenstein, but it's a process. I can dig that)

Bil Nighy is being Bill Nighy, though not to the fullest, but still.


Aaron Eckhard looks pissed. A lot. But he has a very funny pissed stare so that's nice.


It's a cheap trashy B movie, that is fully aware that it and thus can be quite entertaining. Of course you cannot be purist about the original story, that goes over board after 2 minutes. But someone shouts "It's alive". of course she does. :) If you liked Underworld, this may be yours. Less Latex, though and more scarred abs.


And if you like the idea of the creature post novel, I may shamelessly recommend my own take on that, too. ;)


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