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You are being watched (4x01 - "Panopticon")

Last night we welcomed back the best damn show on television. Anyone else catch it? Spoilers below.

Any show would have had difficulties following a season finale like "Deus ex Machina," but I think the showrunners did a fair job at rising to the challenge, establishing a new status quo that's different but still recognizable. A few thoughts and highlights:

The somber look that Reese and Fusco exchanged in front of Carter's desk just about killed me. A verbal acknowledgement would have completely ruined the moment.


I enjoyed the comedy of Shaw working at a department store's makeup counter, but this is the sort of situation that would get old very quickly. I'm glad her cover job was revealed to be a cover for her real cover job (Though with John a cop and Sameen a crook, it will be interesting to see how this plays out).

Harold is still a bird.

On that note, I'm sort of wondering how the secret identities work. My guess is that while Samaritan can't recognize them for who they were, if their new covers start acting too suspiciously, it will flag them as threats to the system. Also, I'd imagine Samaritan's human agent will have no trouble recognizing them even if the system can't.

The scene where John beat up everyone in the bar had so many callbacks to the pilot.

Elias is back, and now has access to the secure phone network. I wonder what side of the Machine team he'll end up on?


Finally, I'm a little disappointed that the Machine's vision has been completely supplanted by Samaritan's (though it does make sense). I'm hoping we'll get the old black-box interface back sometime later this season (maybe as part of a Root-centered episode. What is her new job anyway?)

Thoughts and discussion welcomed below.

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