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You Can Get A Ghostbusters XINH Minifig Set for Under $10 [Update]

Came across this on my Facebook feed this morning, as a suggested post (gotta say, they’re getting pretty good at those, first the Dinobots shirt and now this). A Lego minifig 4-pack of the Ghostbusters (based on the original movie), for free plus the cost of shipping.

Update (8/9/15): I received these today and noticed there is no Lego branding to be found, and in all fairness to the sellers, they never made any such claim. That was a mistake on my part, seeing the minifigs and just equating them to Legos in my mind.

So for anyone who bought these because of my post that was also disappointed they weren’t official Lego minifigs I apologize. They are from XINH Block Series, and no instructions are included, so if you’re not good at figuring this stuff out for yourself, it’s definitely not a good deal.


Here are pictures of the actual product, that I got this week (just opened today).

End Update.


There is a limit per customer of 5 sets, and the shipping was $8.95 for one set, going to SoCal, and when I checked the price it was $13.95 for 2 sets and $28.95 for 5 sets. So the more sets you order, the less per set you’re paying, but I was fine with just one set.


Accepted payment methods are Paypal and Google Wallet (which was quite convenient). Don’t know if they sell or ship to outside of the US, so if anyone tries let me know how it goes and I can update this post.

(See comment below for 10% coupon code)

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