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You Can Now Watch Constantine (and more!) on CW Seed

If seeing him show up on Arrow got you curious about Constantine, but you never got around to watching it on NBC before it was canceled, you can now check out the one season series on The CW Seed.

Constantine seems to be a new addition from today, since I just saw this posted on Twitter.


But wait, there’s more! They apparently also have Justice League: Doom (partly based on, but not nearly as good as, the JLA Tower of Babel story written by Mark Waid), and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Which means if there are any other DC animated movies you were interested in, there’s a chance they could also show up here. I think both of these are also on Netflix, so it may just reflect whatever becomes available there.

And as you can see, they also have the old Birds of Prey series from the 90s early 2000s, given the greenlight after the success of Smallville, but nowhere near as long lasting (just 1 season).


And while not a CW, or even DC comics character based, show, they also have Almost Human, which didn’t make it past season one either, but I thought was pretty good. They also have Forever, featuring the unaging Judd Hirsch playing a guy who does age, and Ioan Gruffudd playing a guy who doesn’t. And Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

And the CW Seed seems to have expanded it’s reach on devices that have their app available, as they now seem to be available on the Roku, and Apple TV, and Amazon Fire, in addition to Android and iOS.


So if you wanted something to watch this holiday weekend (sorry for anyone that doesn’t get that 3rd day off), there’s a few more options. Happy viewing!

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