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You Either Love It Or You Hate It - Friday Open Thread

Welcome back to the Friday Open Thread, that jolly place where I mention stories that few get.

This week everyone in the UK suddenly became an expert in the field of macroeconomics when Unilever, the company behind many popular brands such as Marmite and Ben & Jerry’s, demanded Tesco, the country’s biggest supermarket chain, to raise their prices by around 10%. While this was declared to be due to the falling price of Sterling many products that were made entirely in the UK were also included, making this move seem more opportunistic price hiking than anything else. After several days in which shortages of products were reported they came to a currently unknown agreement.


At the end of the day the first noticeable impact of Brexit in daily lives wasn’t immigration or inflation, but a spreadable yeast extract not being on the shelves for half a week.

So what about you lot, any of you noticed ridiculous product shortages due to price wars or seen bizarre consequences of a decision that no one really expected?

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