I just had what may prove to be the single most brilliant idea that I will ever have: HBO should do a series (biopic-style) about the Seattle grunge scene in the late 80s-early 90s. In the storytelling style of Game of Thrones, where the ensemble is massive and we check in on tens of stories each week, following the rising superstars and the influential burnouts, the creative genius and where we see how certain people sustain their creative longevity. It was a time on the cusp of Behind the Music, before it changed how people were rock stars, and the friendships and nemeses in this niche are, I'm sure, fascinating to no end. I would watch the SHIT out of that. If HBO passes, then I propose a Marvel-style series of biopics about the bands and the moments in the movement, complete with an Avengers (Lollapalooza? Woodstock 1994?) where shit gets huuuge and out of control and all the stories are intertwined. Any takers? Any backers with money? Should we Kickstarter this? Who wants to write it? Let's go!