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You. Have. No. Idea. How much I want this....

Hell, you probably have no idea what this is...... ;) Captain Future was a Japanese Anime series of the late 70s based on the pulp SciFi novels by Edward Hamilton of the same name. There is an English dub and it was kinda big in France and some other European countries. However it was not big anywhere as it was here in Germany. I loved that show. It was my very first step into Science Fiction ever, meaning it is majorly, if not solely responsible for me being here as a SciFi nerd. The show itself, despite being so popular in its time is insanely hard to come by, today. The only available DVD version is a season one box cashing in at 100 - 150 Euros.

For years there are rumours of a movie version in planning. It doesn’t seem to come true but the spark won’t die - the reason I’m writing this is this - the above is a concept trailer for a German film company. Which is very, very cool - the ship and the characters look exactly as they should look to stay true to the show and the music just gives me the goosebumps from memories. Note that the show had different music in every country - if you know the English, Japanese or French version, the music won’t mean anything to you, but the German theme was - amazing!

I. So. Want. That. Movie. To be real!

EDIT. And in real life, it seems I can’t even have the concept trailer. That didn’t live long on youtube... This sucks a little. :( Here’s a still shot, at least...

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