Oh, so you think you're cool, huh? You didn't watch Sharknado because, "It looks really tacky, cheap, and I hated Beverly Hills 90210, so Ian Ziering is a big no-no." Well guess what, loser: You're not cool enough for Sharknado 2! Flying chainsaws, Tara Reid completely dead inside, and poorly rendered New York landmarks. Sharknado 2 has it all, bitches! If you're not amped for Sharknado 2, you're more dead inside than Tara Reid and she's basically a Husk at this point.

Trailer Warning - This trailer may result in your exhibiting the following symptoms:

Head explosion, face melting, the incessant urge to attack a shark with a chainsaw, the incessant urge to attack Ian Ziering with a chainsaw, reanimation of all nearby corpses, instant formation of a sharknado, and pregnancy.