Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

You Have No Reason Not To Watch This Movie

Oh, so you think you're cool, huh? You didn't watch Sharknado because, "It looks really tacky, cheap, and I hated Beverly Hills 90210, so Ian Ziering is a big no-no." Well guess what, loser: You're not cool enough for Sharknado 2! Flying chainsaws, Tara Reid completely dead inside, and poorly rendered New York landmarks. Sharknado 2 has it all, bitches! If you're not amped for Sharknado 2, you're more dead inside than Tara Reid and she's basically a Husk at this point.

Trailer Warning - This trailer may result in your exhibiting the following symptoms:

Head explosion, face melting, the incessant urge to attack a shark with a chainsaw, the incessant urge to attack Ian Ziering with a chainsaw, reanimation of all nearby corpses, instant formation of a sharknado, and pregnancy.

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