The cake is not a lie as Face Off celebrates its 100th episode in a unique way. Instead of the usual models, seven engaged couples have agreed to be made up as macabre (but whimsical) characters so that ordained minister McKenzie Westmore can marry them on stage. Spoilers ahead.

As I noted, the challenge is specifically for whimsical (always a tricky term on Face Off) and macabre. And none of the contestants want to screw up someone’s wedding day so there is plenty of stress. At least the contestants got to choose their partners this time.

Ricky has an ambitious idea with the beating heart in the groom’s hand but as often happens with ambitious ideas on the show he has to scale back and ends up leaving the heart in the groom’s chest instead. But he and Jordan do enough to be one of the Top Looks.


Jasmine puts in a lot of work with yarn (yarn horns!) for the Beauty and the Beast cat theme couple she and Ben take to a Top Look. They are judged the winners look and Jasmine wins the challenge edging out Ben because of her face make-up on the bride.


Meanwhile, Nora and Meg have trouble getting a handle on a concept and even with Michael Westmore’s advice are struggling to achieve whimsical and macabre. They end up in the Bottom Looks (above left). though I liked how Missy and Jason’s couple played up the physical part (the bride holding up the groom’s head) the judges didn’t like their work (above right) and they were the other Bottom Look.

The episode didn’t end on a down note with someone eliminated so we have a cliffhanger “to be continued” ending. But in the trailer and sneak peek for the next episode someone is conspicuous by their absence so I have a good idea who (if anyone) will be eliminated at the start of Episode 101.

You can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here.