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You Maybe A Fan Of The Expanse, But Are You A 200 Dollars For A Nearly 2 Feet Rocinante Level Fan?

Live right now on Kickstarter, Idea Planet Launch is raising funds for some really killer collectibles for fans of the Roci, her crew, and their adventures. Starting at the 199 level you get this beauty right here. There are also a lot of other goodies like pins and decals that come with it. More details on the official Kickstarter page here.

The down side of all of this besides the obvious of the price, is that delivery will not be till September of 2020. Also expect to send some extra money on shipping and handling (to the tune of 67 bucks if you get the level with the ship). So it’s not going to be cheap.


The top level is appropriately named the Donkey Balls level and comes in at $2400, you get everything including some metal reliefs of other ships from the series plus a second silver plated Roci.

It all looks really cool but I am having trouble spending $200 on something I won’t see until next year and I’ll have to spend another 67 bucks to get it delivered when it is assembled and ready. Still this looks like it could be one of the coolest pieces of memorabilia I have ever seen.

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