Tomorrow my mom and step dad are making the switch to T-Mobile. I've already given them my recommendation for what phones they should get.

When they make the switch they're adding me to their plan/account ( and I'll still be paying my share of the bill).

That said, I have my Moto X and it is a great phone and I'm not throwing it away or sending it to a desk drawer to whither out its days. I do, however, need a new toy to play with. My tinkering itch hasn't been met in some time and it's really shouting to be dealt with.

So here's where you all come in.

Would anyone really like to see a post about what you can REALLY do with an Android device?


Everything I've covered til now will seem like child's play in comparison. I'm talking PermRoot, S-OFF and RUU flashing the GPe software onto an HTC One (M8). And I'll cover every single step along the way, but some of it is going to get seriously technical and will involve setting up your computer to handle everything properly and then going from there.

Is there any interests in such a post? And if so is there an interest in similar posts going forward?


UPDATE: So there's been some interest by at least two people. So if all goes well tomorrow I'll be walking out of T-Mobile at lunch with the new HTC One (M8), at which point I can just mess with it as is for awhile and then get to the fun stuff in the evening and hopefully have a post ready for Friday on just how to go off on a new phone. Let the ADB madness commence!