Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Your Favorite Genre Music Videos

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So with the sad, but not necessarily surprising, news of Scott Weiland’s death I thought about the music I loved from both STP and VR. Since I was in middle and high school when the best Velvet Revolver stuff came out, I was also really into music videos too. I always liked the surreal theme to the (admittedly kind of NSFW) Dirty Little Thing video.

Keeping in mind that his death appears to be drug related, I urge anyone struggling with or caring for someone struggling with opiates to please find help. I lost a friend to a heroin overdose this year that none of us had any idea about, except for a quiet few who didn’t want him to get in any trouble.


Reminiscing, I also thought about my favorite futuristic, surreal, or all around weird music videos of my youth. Bowie is never a bad pick, though I can’t say I enjoyed his latest. Nirvana had some good ones, including Heart Shaped Box. The one I will always enjoy, though, is the futuristic subway station(?) of The Strokes’ “12:51.”

It’s like Tron was drowned in whiskey, alone on New Year’s Eve. I really like a lot of The Strokes’ stuff, but I don’t think any of Julian Casablancas’ solo work (while still good) really holds a up.


Share some of your favorite music videos here to remember the epic frontman Scott Weiland.

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