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Your opinions about Rob Bricken "FAQs"

So, a few weeks ago, Rob started doing a new kind of article he calls "Spoiler FAQ" - basically, they are scathing reviews of movies written in the style of FAQ and whose purpose is to bash the movie and laugh at how stoopid it is and how intelligent those who saw through it are.

So far, we have a Star Trek FAQ and a After Earth FAQ


I hate these FAQs. First, calling them FAQ is dishonest, and feels like the writer is claiming a superiority he does not have. Second, there just bashing for bashing sake's. I often disagree with CJA's reviews, but at least they are balanced, well written, and helpful instead of snarky.

For the record, I disliked both movies, and have to agreed with most points raised by the FAQs- it's the tone, angle, and presentation of these articles I hate.

I just want to know if I'm alone here who hate these new articles and would for them to stop? Or do I have some support?

(Also, by the way, why are my comments on main articles grey?)

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