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You're gonna break your pinkies, Skye!

I used to work for a martial arts school that also did film and TV work, and I swear! I want to bum rush some productions (full disclosure: I did not do this work). S.H.I.E.L.D. is the offender right now, and I'm curious about real shooters. Why do some shows have the FBI come on set and give gun tips to the actors, and others just toss a revolver with blanks at anyone and their mother and tell them to go wild.

In the range, we're told very clearly to brace the shotgun against shoulders—not arms, and certainly not nothing. An unbraced shotgun is going to be problems for everyone, not just the target. An early baddy in this week's ep aimed at Coulson with no bracing whatsoever, and then Ward braced the butt of the gun against his upper arm when his shoulder was right there.


I have my classroom objections to those—what to people who've actually had to hit shit not made of paper feel about those sorts of form choices?

I do contend the gun disarm is horribly flawed—don't roll into the attacker like that if their other arm is unpinned and unharmed. and why bring the path of the bullet across your chest?

Also, Skye is going to drop her hands pretty quickly if she hits anything punching pinkie first. Her fists will crumble like wet papier maché. AND PUT YOUR SHOULDER INTO IT.

(The picture is unrelated to S.H.I.E.L.D.)

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