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IMAX Pan in over hospital, flash to hospital bed with several people gathered around it, backs to camera.

ARTHUR V/O: He just... he never woke up.

Montage flash of gunfights, explosions, and finally rack focus on an eternally spinning metal top.


ARIADNE V/O: We can't just leave him there.

ARTHUR V/O: What do you propose we do? Go in there after him?

Montage of crumbling cities, seas rising to flood the streets, and far below, one man aimlessly wandering the deserted cityscape, the buildings melting and then reforming around him, as around a vortex.

Closeup on ARTHUR.

Arthur: He's gone, Ariadne. There's no coming back from that. He went in after Saito and you saw how Saito turned out when he woke up.


Cut to SAITO in straight jacket, screaming in a padded cell.

ARTHUR V/O: No coming back from that.

Cut to black.

ARIADNE: But what if you could?

Cut to ARTHUR, ARIADNE, and EAMES walking up walkway to college lecture hall.

ARTHUR knocks on office door. Door opens and we see ALEX GARDNER.

Cut to black.

GARDNER: If we do this, we won't be alone in there.


Cut to black.

Music crescendos, an intricate maze floats up out of the darkness, and letters extrude from it to form the word, EXTRACTION.


Music fades into the noise of a soft laugh and a hissing sound.

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