Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

It's day 6 of my 30-day blog challenge...and yes, this is blog #5, not #6. A combination of holiday weekend mini-vacation and getting sick from a fancy dinner out while on said mini-vacation caused me to miss a blog. I've got to catch up! Anyway, this is my third blog about YouTube channels and shows that I love. First was Geek and Sundry, then came Nerdist; today is YouTube Channels: Miscellaneous Edition!

This blog will cover various YouTube shows or channels that don't necessarily have a mega-brand or epic funding, but that I regularly check for updates. First up: A femme nerd duo from Colorado...


Not Literally Productions

Not Literally Productions consists of Dana and Ginny, two talented ladies who started making musical web videos on nerdy topics. (They are assisted by a guy named Erik who covers the more technical aspects of their products.) Their running series is called Ask Hogwarts, which consists of representatives from each House answering fan questions. It's pretty hilarious to see the different responses from each House.


They recently put out A Character I Used to Know, a music video about the beloved George R. R. Martin TV series and books, which I think captures all of the fan sadness and angst. (This video CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR GAME OF THRONES! Fair warning. [Only season 1, I think.])

I actually donated to their IndieGoGo project for that video, which is exciting. Fan participation! Now, if I can just convince them I should be part of the creative process, too...


Screen Junkies

Next up is the Screen Junkies channel, which along with covering new movies that are coming out, create the Honest Trailer videos. These videos are hilarious, and there are trailers for recent movies like Les Miserables as well as classics like Independence Day.


I've got to say, my personal favorite are their Twilight videos. The trailers are great, plus they have a supercut of all the stares from all the Twilight movies. You'll be shocked at its length.

They also produce the Screen Junkies show, hosted by Hal Rudnick. The content is great, but I find the host to be somewhat abrasive. (Maybe partly because he refuses to be interested in Doctor Who...?)


How it Should Have Ended

HISHE is a series of animated videos that, as the title says, show you how popular movies should have ended. It's awesome! I find the animation and voice work to be top-notch, and they cover a lot of great films. (Again, another send-up of the Twilight series. Those guys have it rough...if you think rolling in giant piles of money feels rough.)

HISHE covers current movies as well as some classics. Definitely worth a watch.

Cinema Sins

Another hilarious take on questionable production choices in film.

Speakeasy, with Paul F. Tompkins

I just stumbled on this series with Paul F. Tompkins interviewing actors and I think it's great. I don't know too much about it; it seems to be hosted on a channel called "Made Man" which I know nothing about, but I don't care because I'm enjoying the Speakeasy videos. They have a casual vibe but the conversation isn't really the same stuff you've heard a thousand times.

In related news, I love Alison Brie.

Has anyone else seen any of these videos? (Am I just too YouTube-channel-obsessed? It's ok, you can be honest.)

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