Drillpress has suggested that I use my sharp wit, tongue, and general unpleasant nature to become the O-Deck's cantankerous version of Dear Abby. The few people I have so far run it by seem to find it a good idea and are also encouraging me to give it a try. There might be maniacal laughter as well. However, it doesn't matter if I want to do it or not do it if you folks have no desire to take part. So, this post is my asking you if you want to take part.

What will it entail?

Well, it will entail my being asked questions (I will have to devise a devious way to let you fine folks be all anonymous—unless you're cool with not being anonymous) by you folks. These questions should pertain to inter-human relations. Geeks are not very good social creatures. While I am a geek, I am also a pretty good social creature. I'm pretty, schmoozy, charasmatic, and infectious. I can stand up in front of any crowd and give a speech no problem. I also have a pretty good grasp of how to deal with relationships. And, if you want to get real technical, I received Crisis Line Counselor certification in the long ago. I am very honest. I am not always very good with the sugar coating. If I'm asked a question that I think is beyond my depth, I will try to answer as best I can but I will be doing so with the disclaimer that is a little beyond my depth. I will not be offering any techinical help. Figure out how to connect your Wii to your Netgear yourself.

All of my answers can absolutely be taken with a grain of salt. They will be based on one side—your side—and odds are that, as humans, you will all shade your side to be a little bit better. All questions will be taken and answered at face value. If the value presented to me is not the truth of the situation, my advice may not actually be right for your situation. I can't help you if you're not honest and, really, you can't help yourself if you're not honest.

If we decide to do this and we also decide that questions will simply be asked in the open forum for all to see then each question will be presented in full and true form with your name next to it. If we decide to use some other means of anonymous question deliverance and I have to copypasta and then answer the question in a post the question will be presented in full and true form, but your name will not be attached to it. However, if you do not want actual names of people used in the question, it's up to you to change them. I do ask that you please do not use this as a chance to be passive aggressive at someone. If, after asking, it happens anyway, I will flat out tell you to knock it the hell off. If it continues, I will send Drillpress after you. You probably don't want that.

I think that covers all the concerns that might pop up? If not then please ask. And, yes, I will call it You've Been Schooled because schoolin' people is what I do.