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You've Been Schooled

Starting next Monday, I will be posting the very first installment of You've Been Schooled with the questions I've been asked and the answers I'll be giving. This Monday is a reminder of where you can go to ask me anything you want to know about life and an example of what you'll be getting when you ask. Questions will be submittable until this coming Friday night then the form will close until the following Monday morning. It is completely anonymous to me unless you actively say who you are and I will make sure that all questions that are posted are represented anonymously even if you specifically ask for full disclosure.

Follow the link here to ask away!

Here is the example question. I received it publicly last week.

I'm an animal person. I like all animals, growing up I had many and always had at least 2 dogs in the house. Never any cats.

Later in life I became an international technical salesman and still wanted to have something that was excited to see me when I got home so I got a cat.

Why is it that everything can be going great on a date but when a girl finds out I have a cat they are taken aback and ask some stupid question like "oh god, are you a cat person?"

What is with the stigma girls have with a guy who has a cat?

Traditionally they may be feminine, but they are crazy little killers and one could make the argument that capturing and owning a cat is one of the most masculine things you can do.

What are your thoughts.

My Response:

There is the whole "boys have dogs!" and "girls have cats!" but anyone who actually ascribes to that needs to step out of the black and white 1950s.


Cats are seen as too independent, too aloof. A lot of people tend to project the stereotyped personalities of animals onto their owners. I know that, as a female growing up, I often heard: "Don't date a man who has cats. You'll never be able to trust him. Cats aren't loyal. Think about that ol' tomcat out there trying to get girlfriends all the time and people get pets that remind them of themselves. A man with a dog will be loyal and never leave you."

I have three cats. If someone asks me, "Oh god, are you a cat person?" I say, "I'm an animal person. Why? Aren't you?" and if they hesitate or say no I go, "Oh, are you one of those people? Can't be around animals without trying to cut bits off them?" Then I give them a significant look.

There are plenty of women out there who love animals of all kinds. Just be proud about the fact you were kind enough to bring a small little creature into your house to take care of and nurture. And be proud that you have a continued responsibility toward it and don't just have it tied up out back like a yard decoration. Any person that opens their home to and seriously and responsibly takes in a creature that alien from their own species is pretty awesome in my book. Any person who can't respect that probably has no concept of empathy or sympathy and should die old and alone.

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