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Yup, The Helix Season Finale Just Raises More Questions

The second season of Helix wrapped up this week. We got some answers but like the end of last season someone has an unexpected new job and a new set of questions arise. Spoilers ahead.

Much of the episode is various characters trying to hurt or kill others so I'll knock that part out quickly.

  • Last week's standoff between Alan and Julia ends with Julia shooting Alan then patching him up.
  • Soren grabs a scalpel and attacks "Eli." Unfortunately Soren stabs him in the leg but not anywhere vital.
  • Not-quite-dead-yet Amy is just as crazy (it's not like she could get much crazier) but she thinks her toxic makeover set her free. Since she and Julia were the only ones outside to survive the military's attack does she have a touch of Michael's immortality? Amy sets a trap for her "immortal sisters" but ends up with a taste of her own medicine instead.
  • "Eli" tries to kill Alan (poorly since he's still Peter at heart). Can you do anything right, Peter? Dump the gasoline on Alan, not around him. Or just shoot him. Despite Alan's taunt you lit up the helicopter so you know how to use that weapon you're carrying around.

As for the Mother plot, Anne is using some herbal pain management treatment when she and "Eli" find out Mother has been under their feet the whole time. "Eli" figures he can cut out Julia and get Mother directly to Ilaria. Alan is feeling spry enough after Julia patches him up to run off with her samples of Mother. He tries to burn up Mother's stump and Julia's samples when "Eli" catches him. "Eli" takes Julia's samples. Helicopters show up and everyone except Landry, Amy and the vessels gets off the island.


Julia finds out that Alan was right about Ilaria running a con on her. There was no Narvik-C. I'm guessing that Ilaria figured if she failed Michael think she was a rogue acting without Ilaria's knowledge and they would be rid of someone with questionable loyalties.

Kyle delivers the cure for the fungal infection then talks to his government contact. Dr. Farragut is arrested...Peter Farragut. That explains Kyle's presence on the CDC team if Peter was also a target of investigation.


Sarah gets some bad news from a doctor. We don't know what it was but it was most likely about the baby in a jar. Does From Here to Eternity playing on the television in that scene have any significance? She goes to Alan's hospital room and locks the door. Later Alan wakes up and has silver eyes. Coincidence? I think not.


We finally get back to the future where Julia is in the same infirmary bed that she treated Alan after she shot him 30 years ago. She's been unconscious for the last five days (episodes). He still has Hatake's sword and can read the inscription. It's an RNA sequence, probably for the virus that's killing immortals. Once more he asks her if she knows the way to San Jose.

This time we find out what it means. It's a reference to the rom-com circumstances of when she married Alan as a way to positively confirm her identity.


And Caleb reveals that his left eye is fake and that he is actually Soren. (Yeah, I was wrong about his identity.) His blood is still special and is the cure for the immortal killing virus that Alan and Hatake developed. Caleb draws a vial of blood for Julia but she hesitates, thinking she doesn't deserve to be saved. The last we see of Future Julia is her saying she wishes she could see Alan "one more time."


But wait, there's one more bit of WTF at the end of the episode. We see a commercial for Ilaria Fresh food (they neglect to mention the bonus infertility). It's the year 2029 and a young woman is being screened for a medical program. She meets the doctor in charge...Sarah Jordan. Sarah is working for Ilaria and looks to be running a high tech version of Michael's baby factory. Somehow appropriate when the episode's title is "O Brave New World" which works as reference to both the Huxley book and Shakespeare's The Tempest (my degree is in engineering not literature so go ahead and do your own analysis).


The show answered a lot of my questions from early in the season but I still have questions to be answered if there is another season.

  • How and why did Alan become a silver-eye? Like I mentioned above Sarah was the last one with him so she was almost certainly responsible and probably involves their baby in a jar. Is this a way to get Alan to love her?
  • Alan is now what he hated most. We know he helps Hatake develop something fatal to other immortals but what else has he been doing?
  • Did whatever happened to Sarah's child affect her so much that she's now embraced her immortal status? She initially agreed to work for Ilaria to get off the island and help for the baby in a jar but running Ilaria's baby factory seems a bit much given her reaction when she found Michael's version.
  • Is Hatake really dead? Immortals are difficult to kill short of beheading.
  • Did Amy, Landry and the vessels die when the abbey burned down? Probably but you never know with this show. The abbey was deserted in 2045 (Future Julia's 30 years later) but Caleb suggested something else was roaming the island.
  • Did someone recover Sergio's body so that a zombie/clone/resurrected version shows up later?
  • What did Michael mean by "she wasn't there" when he found out Sarah was a silver-eye? And why did she look familiar to him? Obviously Michael won't be telling us.
  • When would next season take place - the present, 2029 or both? And will there be flashforwards to Future Julia in 2045?
  • Speaking of 2045, where are the other two immortal main characters - Sarah and Alan? Given Future Julia's last words Alan is probably about to show up (assuming Helix returns for a third season).

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