Augie and the Green Knight Kickstarter

My wife and I recently had a baby girl, and I had a sad thought: Although things are changing, there are still very few adventure books with female leads. There are books with little girls who are smart, sure, but there are practically no books about little girls who are smart, and scientific, and (here's the crucial thing) risk-taking.

Augie and the Green Knight is an attempt to give her that book. It's the story of a little girl who enjoys math and science and history, but who also gets up to trouble, speaks her mind, and is unapologetically strong.

I believe, as they say, that Zach needs to shut up and take my money. This sounds like exactly the sort of thing I would love to be able to introduce to my niece, second cousins, friend's niece, and probably just read myself.

Also: Dat art. Here it is without comic-Zach standing in front of it.