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For a moment anyway! They seem to be going all out for a nostalgia-fest in the latest batch of ITV’s Thunderbirds Are Go. The CGI-hybrid show dipped into the movie that gives it a name and they even have a new- wait a second that might be a spoiler.


I say Zero-X was back in the air, because this Saturday morning return ended with a very big bang. That’s par for the course really.

The fictional spaceship already bridges two cult television shows and a toy range and was back in the modern incarnation of Thunderbirds to add grist to the mill of what happened to International Rescue patriarch Jeff Tracy. Zero-X made its debut in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go and a later model launched the fateful attack on a Martian city in the first episodes of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Apart from its own comic strip in TV Century 21, Zero-X also had a supporting role in the grimly apocalyptic Project S.W.O.R.D range.

The modern Thunderbirds Are Go series mixes CGI with model-work but has a fluid relationship with its Supermarionation predecessor. Following on from the return of Braman the Robot we got to see the final moments of Jeff Tracy, out from behind his desk and in combat with The Hood who hasn’t learned the lesson of his last outing with Zero-X. This hands-on version of Jeff is voiced by none other than former Six-Million-Dollar Man Lee Majors.


The new Zero-X seems to hang on to the lifting bodies and, according to The Hood, might have a faster-than-light drive. Almost as soon as it is back it has blown up. Or has it?


The quest is on to find an escape pod from that Zero-X ship and discover the true fate of Jeff Tracy. If only the spy in the GDF doesn’t do anything to scupper the hunt. Oops! Too late!

I’m enjoying the ride.

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