Spoilers for In the Flesh pilot and Walking Dead.

As Walking Dead has been raked over thoroughly by now I'll just say that my opinion of that episode is encapsulated in the moment when Andrea tripped over the bucket of REALLY LOUD STUFF, alerting the Governor to her location in the warehouse. I felt like most of the episode was silly like that. Also, too much humans, not enough zombies.

Similarly I was unimpressed with In the Flesh's pilot. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't that. I didn't care whether the main character survived or not and I was utterly unmoved by his zombie ennui. In fact I wanted him to revert to zombieism and liven things up. His sister was slightly interesting until she completely reversed her position on zombies after a 30 second conversation with her ex-zombie brother.

The deal with the vigilante group killing ex-zombies rubbed me the wrong way—I didn't believe that the leader could drag that old woman zombie into the street and blow her brains out publically and expect to get away with it, not after so much effort had been put into rehabilitating her.

I'm giving In the Flesh another chance though, based on the trailer for next week. If I understood it correctly the main kid is going to reunite with his zombie girlfriend and co-brain muncher in crime, which could actually be a really interesting dynamic.