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Okay, the upcoming 2013-2014 tv season is beginning to look a lot like we are going to be over run by really photogenic cost saving zombies. There are now at least three series in some stage of development that involve the return of dead loved ones.

According to Deadline NBC has ordered a new pilot version of Babylon Fields, where dead loved ones suddenly re-appear, return home, and try to resume their lives.


A&E is working on The Returned,where dead loved ones suddenly re-appear, return home, and try to resume their lives.

ABC has Resurrection, where dead loved ones ... you get the idea.

(There may be a fourth series called They Came Back, again based on Les revenants, produced by a UK based company, but some reports have that production being the same as the A&E series.)

The first Babylon Fields pilot was based on a 2004 french movie Les revenants, which in turn gave birth to the modest tv hit Les revenants in 2012. Syndicated in some markets under the english title The Returned (though I have also seen it referred to has Rebound), A&E is basing their remake on the french tv series.

Amusingly, though it is taken from a novel called The Returned by Jason Mott, and it shares the same premise, Resurrection apparently has nothing to do with anything franco-based.


Anyway, after all that, my question is what should we be calling these "returned", because though they are a type of reanimated dead, they are not really zombies (or are they)?

For anyone interested (if you have not seen it) the original Babylon Fields pilot can be found online. It has Amber Tamblyn. And Kathy Baker. And Jamey Sheridan. You know you are interested.

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