I'm reading World War Z right now and a thought about the war occurred to me. Mild spoiler for the book follows.

The effort to build the U.S. zombie fighting war machine was a vast project rivaling or exceeding what we did during WW2. Everyone was classified from A1, with a good skill set for the war effort, to F6, possessing no useful skills.

I'm a retired infantry platoon sergeant with an engineering degree so while I might not be A1 I'm far from an F6. I'm at the Qui-Gon Jinn phase of life - I've lost a step or two from my physical peak and really shouldn't be out on the front lines. But I could certainly be an instructor (in fact, I was one for a few years in the Army) or supervise neighborhood patrol operations. So I might be classified as a B or a C.


So how about you? Do you have skills that will help you not just survive Walking Dead style but contribute to a massive war effort?